Best Shopping Centers in Tiflis

02 Oct, 2018 - 09:42

If you desire to enjoy the experience of an amazing and hearty shopping, accompany us to show you the most spectacular areas in this city! Although there are few shopping centers with global standards in Tiflis, the purchasing scenery of Tiflis adds to its exciting and energetic atmosphere! Combined with each other, ancient Bazaars, local fashion houses, handicrafts, Luxurious and reasonably priced brands provide an attractive shopping experience for travelers! In the present guideline we will introduce you some of the best shopping centers in Tiflis

1.Tbilisi Mall

“Tbilisi Mall” is the first and the most ancient shopping center in Tiflis! This shopping center is located at the western exit of the city which is accessible by many minibuses available. This 4 story mall encompasses more than 120 international brands, restaurant, hypermarket, book store, bank, drug store, café and cinema. All your needs can be fulfilled under the same roof!

2. East Point

“East Point” is another large shopping center in Tiflis which is located at the eastern exit of the city. It offers the costumers a different definition of shopping from a traditional shopping center. This complex is designed in a way that sounds similar to a mini shopping city with shops through the street! However, this place is not just devoted to your shopping; it is a calm and tranquil location for relaxation, joy and entertainment! With more than 150 international brands, a bowling center, café, tools store and IMAX Cinema, East Point has turned into one of the most popular and catching shopping targets for both local people and travelers!

3. Galleria Tbilisi

“Galleria Tbilisi” is the most recent member of the large shopping center family in Tiflis! Right in the center of the city, this 6 story center located in “Azadi Square” includes a high variety of international brands, cafes, restaurants and recreation centers for costumers! Moreover, you can enjoy great services like bank, beauty salon or laundry!

4. A Bazaar with Antique and Second-hand Items

When the weather grows a little bit warmer in Tiflis, the creative handicraft manufacturers gathers around the “Deda Ena Park” every Sunday and sell their handmade products in this bazaar offering antique and second-hand items. In this bazaar, you can experience travelling under the joyful sun and wandering around antique objects, second-hand clothes, bags, handmade soaps and lots of other eye-catching items! If you feel hungry, there are some shops selling snacks, sandwiches and delicious drinks! Although not luxurious, the experience is different and memorable.

5. Fabrika

“Fabrika” is a multipurpose complex including a hostel, food shops, public locations and several stores. In this complex, you can go to local “Flying Painter” clothes brands or Ceramic Studio 1300 to buy souvenirs! In addition, the “Black Dog” shop offers wonderful books and souvenirs and “Funduki” sells furniture, clothes and souvenirs! By the way, if you are adventurous, you can buy skates from “Margo!”

6. Pekini

“Pekini” Avenue is also a shopping target in Tiflis which offers a wide variety of local and international brands! This location includes lots of international jewelry shops, cafes, ice cream shops and shoe stores! As wandering around and enjoying window shopping, you can enjoy your time having luscious snacks!

7. Materiel

Established in 1949, “Materiel,” the noble line of the old fashion house “Materia,” is the oldest garment manufacturer and retail store! Materiel is occupied with young Georgian designers who create their seasonal brand mini collections! These days, in this fashion house, products of three national designers are on display. You can enjoy visiting and buying such products!

8. Dots

“Dots” is a concept store and a Georgian fashion brand which launched its occupation under the supervision of Materiel! Introducing a population of creative young local designers, this shop is an impressive target for shopping clothes, bags, shoes and accessories!

9. Merani

“Merani,” a shopping center located in Rustaveli Avenue, is considered as a small one compared with its rivals. Although a 4 story center, it includes various splendid shops! All in all, places among central avenues, this wonderful shopping center is not as complete or well- equipped as main shopping centers.

10. Dry Bridge

In contrast with the previously introduced bazzar offering antique items, “Dry Bridge” Bazaar is open throughout a year in which you can find the most amazing items! Soviet posters and medals, jewelry, porcelains, second-hand retails, musical instruments, old cameras and VHS cassettes are among the wonderful items visitors will meet in this bazaar! If you are not into buying antique items, yet it is worth walking through these booths for you cannot even imagine what awaits you there!

11. Samoseli Pirveli

“Samoseli Pirveli” is a clothing store exhibiting the traditional Georgian costumes redesigned in a modern/contemporary way. Although most of these clothes are high-priced, you can still find T-shirts and accessories with more reasonable prices! If you are keen on keeping a Georgian cultural item, this store is the true destination!


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