Introduction to the Country of Georgia

04 Nov, 2018 - 01:59

Georgians are highly hospitable! If you are travelling to Georgia in a moment, you should acquire more information about Georgian tradition and culture so that you can more conveniently conceive their habits and customs.

The country of Georgia has a long history. Tiflis is the Capital city of Georgia which was founded by “Vakhtang I Gorgasali” in the 5th century. This city is still considered as the most important political and cultural center in Georgia. More than 83% of the population in Georgia includes Georgians. But Azeri, Armenian and Russian nations as well have occupied this country. Accompany us for more information on Georgian tradition and customs!

Language and Religion
Georgia is a bilingual or even tri-lingual country! Russian, Armenian and Azeri are the three languages spoken in this country though Georgian is the main language of the majority of the people living in Georgia. Moreover, most of the people in Georgia are followers of Orthodox Church/Christianity, one of the three major branches of Christianity. However advocates of “American Apostolic Church” and Muslims can be found among the Georgian people. Overall, the influence of religion on people’s culture has not been that extensive but still is noticed on type of clothes they put on and on the way they hold their feasts!

Traditional Costumes/Clothes

The traditional Georgian costume is called “Chokha” which from 9th century to 1920 is more widely used. Nowadays this costume is considered as the symbol of national pride put on mostly by men in formal meetings or weddings. This traditional dress includes a woolen coat with a long collar which is usually accompanied with accessories like a fur hat, a dagger and bullets. The considered costume is in various types with some contemporary alterations made to look much more modern compared with its initial and noble model!

Traditional Dishes
Traditional Georgian foods are highly variable and flavourful! It is noteworthy to mention that the eastern and western dishes are to a great extent different from each other! In western region, vegetation recipe is mostly highlighted in which walnut, coriander, tarragon and basil are used as main flavors. “Khachapuri” is a popular dish of this region. The eastern cuisine is mostly made of meat, the most well-known of which is “Khinkali.”

Etiquettes and Values
Hospitality is the inevitable element of Georgian culture! Georgians regard their hospitality as a sort of blessing. They consider the travelers and visitors as their quests. Hence, it is much likely that they invite you to their homes to try their meals! When you experience such an opportunity, do not decline their invitation! As a gift or the mark of respect, it is not necessary to buy them costly gifts; you can take flowers or chocolate with you for them. If flower is your option, take the number of flowers into account for they bring the hosts even number of flowers in funerals! Further, it is costumery in Georgia that they do not open the gift in front of the gift-giver although there are always exceptions. Having meals in this country can to a large extent be seen as an opportunity for gathering together with no particular habits! Conceivably, you will enjoy a joyful and exciting conversation at the table!
Age, position and power help people gain respect and that is why Georgians highly respect the elderly. It is also expected that the elderly or power authorities to take right decisions when necessary. Furthermore, you should bear in mind that only family members and close friends can call each other by first name; others should call each other by family name or using “sir” or “madam” with the first name! Usually, Georgians have a certain passion for communication. Besides raising their tone of voice, their hand movements and gestures as well increase. In this country, women are highly respected and can get a job in whatever field they desire. If highly educated, it is likely that they can make more money compared with their fathers!


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