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(Rbarifortres) Akhaltesikhe - -vardzia- T -Borgomi Mtskheta- Tiblisi
1- Transportation to the hotel- Meeting in the Hotel- Tour of Tiblisi: Mtatsminda (holy mountains) –visiting the old texture of Old Tbilisi- The sameba church- Visiting Tbilisi Sulfur Bath-
2- Travel around the Holy Mtskheta, Visiting the Sveteitskhaveli Church (11th century), Visiting the Jvari (6th century) convent- Samtavro convent- Shiomgvime convent
3- Tour around Borgomi- Visiting VARDZIA- RABATI (City of Caves) - Return back to Tiblisi- Transportation to Airport.
Price Includes
  • Back and forth transportation to The Tbilisi International Airport
  • Accommodation at the hotel (standard room)
  • Transportation
  • Specialist driver
  • Professional tour leader
  • Comfortable and modern car
  • Local SIM card
  • 24-hour information assistance
  • Friendly atmosphere
First day
Welcome airport service –Transportation service to the selected hotel- Tour around the most beautiful parts of Tbilisi: Visiting all beautiful places in the lovely Tbilisi. Visiting the Narikala Mtatsminda (The Holy Mountains) buildings - the old texture of Old Tbilisi, and Tbilisi sulfur bath where water comes from springs which myths say Tbilisi is based on them, and visiting the churches, monuments, architecture and Other beautiful places in Tbilisi.

Second day
The second day starts with a tour around the Holy city of Mtskheta which is one of the oldest cities in Georgia, where you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Center and visit the Church of Sveteitskhaveli (11th century) and the Jvari Monastery (6th century) and the Samtavro Monastery. These buildings are both architecturally and historically important. The tour will continue around the Shiomgvime monastery. Near the Mtskheta, there are old caves where the monks still live there. This spectacular place with its beautiful and eye-catching nature attracts the tourists. In the end, we will go back to Tiblisi.

Third day
Borgomi is a crowded city in the southern part of Georgia and is famous for its mineral water industry. Because of the supposed restorative and healing powers of the area's mineral springs, it is a frequent destination for people with health problems. Borgomi is also considered a habitat and ecosystem in the Caucasus region. Vardzia is a Christian cave monastery site in the southern Georgia. Caves are rooted in rocks with the height of 500 meters. This cave monastery was built during the “Golden Age” of Georgia in the 12th century. The monastery is made up of numerous tunnels connected to houses and rooms with beautiful paintings which include the DORMITION church and other small churches. This monastery is located on the edge of the MTKVARI River and is one of the most important historical places in Georgia. Vardzia has created an eye-catching and unforgettable view of the nature for tourists. The RABATI building located in AKHALTSIKLIE region, dating back to the 9th century, destroyed several times and has been destroyed in various wars for various reasons. In 2012, after a very long reconstruction, the building turned to a beautiful multi-cultural city with lots of churches. This place has a small park and a historic museum and shops and hotels. And today, this beautiful cultural and historical building has a total area of 7 hectares, and the historical part of the castle has become more of a modern place.

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